Bluntly Test 2019 – Can you fall in love with you here

Bluntly Test 2019 - Can you fall in love with you hereBluntly Test 2019 - Can you fall in love with you here

Bluntly, in the Test of September 2019.

The Dating platform Bluntly promises to the users to make on the basis of profile videos of the great love and to experience on a first Date not a bad Surprise. The platform, which relies on the first impression Video, has existed since 2016. But there is here at all a User in your vicinity with whom you are interested, can meet? How it looks on the Website Bluntly with the cost? What are the functions you can use for free and it is worth a Premium-membership to complete? We have tested the Website in detail for you and answer all your questions about Bluntly. Decisions on the basis of our Test, whether the site is suitable for you .

The Registration.

Registration via E-Mail address or Facebook is possible The sign up process only takes a few minutes profile information can later The location to be filled can be freely chosen, Some of the Details to yourself, you have to specify at the time of registration .

The registration process on the Website is Bluntly done very easily and quickly. You have to register you via Facebook or through your E-Mail address. You choose Facebook as a method, you have to make only a few information about your Person. In the other method, however, you have to enter your E-Mail address, password and date of birth manually. Information which must be made at the time of registration, are, for example, the body size, Smoking habits, location, and the desire to have children. After registration by E-Mail address, you may be asked to verify. Only then your registration is successful. You see on the home page of direct suggestions, can the Profiles, but only after the Upload of your profile watch videos. Your profile information you can fill out on a voluntary basis. This is possible at any time.

The Profile Information.

Not very detailed, Multiple Videos can be uploaded to the profile information of all users filled out The profile video is the release from the Support is checked, You can your details change at any time.

The Profiles provided by Bluntly, are often not very detailed. Here are just a few points to be asked to your Person, and Hobbies. The majority of the User has answered at least a part of the questions, which helps you to gain a more accurate picture about the Person. Profile pictures, there are here no. Bluntly you requests to make a Video of yourself and upload it. Thus, a bad Surprise is to be avoided at the first Meeting and the User should directly see your radiance. A Video is necessary, if you see the Videos of other Users want to. This will be reviewed by the Support, and then unlocked. Through strict controls, no Fake here-User to be found.


Messages can be sent free of charge to be You can other users compliments send profile videos can be commented Daily, you can just a Video to watch for free, A watch list and friend requests enable you, other Users to save, if you like.

You have uploaded a profile video, is the contact on Bluntly very simple and varied as possible. You can free and an unlimited number of messages to send. You also have the option to send compliments, which can be for example a Kiss or a ‘thumbs up’. This is especially for the shy User helpful to contact. A User that you like especially well, can you add this to your wishlist or a friend request send, which you can accept then if you are interested. So you’re always up to date, what applies to new Uploads from this User. Bluntly, some of the offers search filters that help you User can of what you find. However, you should note that you can view as a Standard User daily, only a profile video. All the others will only appear blurry .

The Design.

Very understandable and, above all, simple Design, The page loads fast App for both iOS, and Android The mobile site is well developed with Clear annotation of all Features.

The Design, which offers Bluntly the User is really close to perfect. The Features are clear to see labeled and easy to use. Here, no unnecessary features, which could make it difficult to use. A click will take you from one window to the next. After the registration, it is clear how the page works. You want to check in on the go of your messages, you can do this through the mobile site, which is just as fast and reliable as the Forthright Website itself invites or to you the free App download. You can decide whether you by E-Mail to be informed of news or not. This is, of course, also in the App. The Design leaves absolutely no wishes open .

Members of the structure.

Unfortunately, a few Users in Germany, No Fake-User men’s and women share about The majority of the User offset is in search of a partnership, especially Users between 18 and 35 years of age to use the Website.

Bluntly, not so many Users like other Dating services, which limits the selection, especially in your immediate vicinity, has, unfortunately, yet. On the positive side, the gender ratio is almost balanced. The majority of the members is looking for a solid partnership. Especially in the case of the female users popular, is the desire to have children. Thereafter, it can be specifically searched for. Most of the Users, the use of Bluntly, are between 18 and 35 years old. Fake User, you can not find it, since the Videos will be reviewed by Support before being released. A profile video you will not for every User because otherwise the Chat with and Searching other members is possible .

The App can be downloaded for free For iOS and Android available All of the important Features present Short charging time notifications via Pop-ups possible.

Blunt has developed an App for the Website, which you can for free in the App Store and Google Play Store to download. The use of the App is, as well as the site itself, largely free of charge. You want to be on the go always up to date on new news, the App is the perfect solution. This is clear and simple and raises no questions. You can receive notifications directly as a Pop-up on your Smartphone or Tablet. You don’t want to download the Bluntly App, you can use the well-functioning mobile site .

Special Features.

Search filter.

By using the search filter you can set which Users appear in the proposals. Here you can of size, age and desire to have children some information.


About the compliments you have to communicate in Bluntly, the Chance of other users that you find this well. This function is especially for shy Users because of a simple Symbol is sent.

Practice test.

Bluntly a great platform to new people, and possibly even your(n) dream partner(in) to get to know. In contrast to conventional pages, there is only profile videos and photos. This is very pleasant to get in front of the first Meeting to get a good impression. Unfortunately, the members are not yet as high as on other single markets. This can lead to longer waiting times at the contact. A Premium membership is on the platform Bluntly advisable, since, otherwise, a Video can be viewed. The concept of Bluntly is novel and entertaining, to banish classical profile pictures and to rely exclusively on Videos of the life partner is a whole new direction!

Personal Recommendation.

Which Dating site is right for you?

We create You a free, personal recommendation.

Costs and prices.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total membership / month / month / month.

A Video daily, watch, send and receive messages, friend requests, compliments wishlist.

An unlimited number of Videos to watch.

Credit Card PayPal.

A payment without the indication of the Name on the web site is Bluntly not possible.

Bluntly offers you the opportunity to discover other Users via profile videos. After a very simple registration you have to upload only a Video, which will be considered by the Support, and then other Users to view. Up to this point, the site is completely free. You includes no Premium membership, you can a User watch the Video. Other Features, such as Sending messages or compliments, on the other hand are free of charge and can be used by you in full. Unfortunately were not logged in the Test, many Users in a radius of 100 kilometers. Cute Flirts and Chats are possible from anywhere, a dream partner in your immediate vicinity but not necessarily on Bluntly. The concept of profile Videos instead of simple photos is definitely innovative, and brings a lot of fun to use. Bluntly a reputable platform for you to no Fake-User find is. The majority of Users looking for a solid partnership.

Ease of use.

Why can’t I select any other Userprofile and open?

To see other Users Bluntly, you need to upload only your own profile video, which needs to be unlocked from the Support. You’ve done this, you can look at other Profiles .

I can a User, I want to have no contact block?

Yes, here you have several options. Bothering you, the User, and violates the rules, you can report it to the Support. A further possibility of Blocking is. By taking this step, do not contact more can be done. Don’t want to see a user profile, you can hide this. A contact can, however, be made. All three options, you can by Clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand section of the respective profile, select.

How can I get the E-Mail notification that I opt out of Bluntly get ?

Notifications off, you have to select just to the left of “My Account” and check the box, which is in addition to the notifications, uncheck.

How can I delete my Forthright Account permanently ?

To delete your Account permanently, you will need to via the menu item “My Account” , which you can find on the left side in the lower area, the red Button on the right, below click. After entering a Feebacks you can delete the profile .

My Profilv >

The profile video, which is uploaded to Outright, you must meet certain guidelines. For example, you have to be on the Video clearly visible and there are no other persons may see. Beach test you all of the points, is approved for the Video .

What are the compliments that I can to Bluntly send are ?

Compliments are a kind of ice breaker are. If you find a User well, but you don’t trust to write a message, can you tell about the compliments that you’re interested in .

I have no credit card, can I still be able to a Bluntly a Premium membership ?

Yes, you have the payment options the various options. In addition to the payment by credit card, you can also pay by PayPal or SEPA direct debit .

Can I use the platform Outright for free ?

All the important Features are here possible free of charge. You want to watch more than one Video a day, is a Premium membership.

Can I use my Blunt Account pause?

Yes, you’re not sure whether you want to Bluntly continue to use, you can pause your settings temporarily. This is then still displayed in the search results. However, then a stamp on your Video, which will tell that the profile is paused .

Free Function.

I can other users, free of charge, a friendship question to Bluntly send?

Yes, the Sending of friendship requests is free, and allows you, with the users you like to stay in contact .

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your Blunt experience.

Unfortunately, there are still no reports on Bluntly. Be the First to share your experience with others is:

Thanks for your experience report. After editorial review we will publish it here .

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