Bumble at the Test 2019 – Finally got enough members

Bumble at the Test 2019 - Finally got enough members

Bumble Test In 2019.

The App is of the basic structure is very similar to Tinder. The most striking difference is that here the woman is holding all the reins in Hand. You can decide whether you wish for a different User contact, or not. Even if both Users show each other interest, it can only write to the woman the man and not Vice versa. After the Match, and the linking of women respond only 24h time to .

No weapons photos for Bumble.

Since March, 2018 Bumble has decided to remove all profile pictures with weapons. “It is time to say clearly that gun violence is consistent with our values, yet these weapons to Bumble,” a spokesman of the company.

In fact, weapons on the profiles of German Online Dater is not so unusual: Our latest Online Dating study shows that Germany is on place 4 of the countries with the most weapons photos. It is primarily men posing with weapons – 82% of all weapons images of men and 18,87% of men between the ages of 18 and 24, and 18,45% of men between 25 and 34. Most of the images come from the United States – here also the share of guns photos is below all of the images at the highest, at 0.3% For comparison: The share of arms photos international is a total of only 0.17% (the equivalent of approximately 40,000 images) Germany (0,14%), Austria (up 0.16%) and Switzerland (0,15%) lie in each case under this brand.

The emergence of Bumble.

Bumble at the Test 2019 - Finally got enough members

The founder Whitney Wolf used to be on Tinder. She left the company after a sexual harassment suit. The allegations of the Wolf should confirm all the prejudices that many have against Tinder. Together with two ex-colleague of Tinder you developed an App, which should make it especially easier for women to get to the “Wrong”. The App, from the basic structure is very similar to Tinder. However, the striking difference is that the woman has all the reins in Hand. You can decide whether it wants with a User’s contact or not!

Design and operability.

The Design is of high quality and appealing, it is reminiscent of a beehive, and is likely to draw attention to the benefits of its use for women. The App is very easy to use and has hardly any distracting Extra features.

Profile position.

The registration and profiling works only on a valid Facebook Account. As soon as the users of the App provides access to the Facebook data, are drawn with all the necessary information and data from the Facebook profile. The data entered such as, for example, wants to be with what gender you are connected, can always be changed later. The shared images can be sorted out after registration. Thus, it can be ensured that not all of the images were published in Facebook, to see Bumble are.

Bumble at the Test 2019 - Finally got enough members

How does Bumble?

Of the operation Bumble Tinder is very similar. It is a members shall be proposed, you can swipe either to the left (not interesting) or to the right (interesting)””. The App shows a especially the members that are in the vicinity. The Radius can be set by yourself. In the case of a “link” (i.e. if both User will find interesting), you must make the wife, within 24 hours the first step, and the man of letters. Men have no possibility of a first contact. The woman should lead, but within 24 hours there is no contact in the way, you will lose the link.

Expired links can no longer be “brought back”. In order for the App-operators want to make sure that you use the App regularly. “Blurred” one time, can be brought to the selected User a total of 3x back. It works by simply Shaking the smartphone. It links to 24 it is also possible to extend if you are still not sure whether you want to reply .

Why can only accommodate women contact men ?

So, it should be ensured that men make more of an effort and to appreciate the contact to know more. In the pictures, in addition to the age of the work displayed, in order to obtain a more complete picture of the Person. In addition, the watermark should ensure that sent pictures for more security .

VIP Status – the Vibee area.

The Vibee area is a kind of award for cute and dedicated User. The additional function can not be easily bought. In the Vibee the area and the Community will be included only, if you are committed, friendly and visibly active in the Portal. This is measured on the basis of an algorithm and according to the request of the user is checked. You get the Vibee Status, can you take with other selected users, contact. Here, then, the last of the black sheep are to be sorted out. Nice additional tool, and especially for User useful, the really mean it .

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