Celebrities and Wardrobe Malfunctions

With Oscars round the corner, one wonders whether we will get to see any wardrobe malfunction. Of late, it has become a usual occurrence where some celebrity or the other is caught on camera having the most embarrassing moment of her life. When something like this happens, you get celebrities claiming that it was an accident. However, many believe that these so-called accidents are nothing but publicity stunts.

One wonders what the truth is about celebrities and wardrobe malfunctions. Celebrities do have sufficient money to ensure that they are well dressed. Even a simple dress worn with proper accessories can look ravishing and appealing. So, there is no need for the celebrities to wear skimpy or ill-fitting clothes.

When Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction during a Super Bowl fabiosa.com performance along with Justin Timberlake, one wonders whether it was really an accident as claimed by the two performers or was it on purpose. After all a record 140 million were watching the show. Although the organizers apologized for the fiasco, there were claims that it was a stunt performed for publicity. Nonetheless, viewers were shocked.

In 2008, during the MTV movie awards, Lindsay Lohan was left red faced after a gust of wind blew her short dress and allowed cameras a hay time. This was embarrassing, but a situation not in her control. Or was it? Maybe she could have worn a longer dress rather than a short one.

Then there is the famous incident with Tara Reid that occurred in 2005 during Diddy’s birthday party.
Reid posed for the photographers waiting outside the venue wearing an ill-fitting dress with straps. The strap fell off and exposed her completely. It took Reid some seconds to realize that she was flashing herself for one and all.

These few incidents really speak a lot about celebrities and their wardrobe malfunctions.

Maybe they are really publicity stunts and not accidents.

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