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Zero – use of networked learning systems in teacher education

chinese girls near meThe sub-project “utilization of networked learning systems in teacher training” is a part of the collaborative project “oills: open infrastructures and teaching/learning systems” which was funded in the framework of the joint project “e-learning initiative, educational portal saxony” by the saxon state ministry for science and art in the years 2015 and 2016.

Project objectives/results

chinese girls near meThe acquisition of media competence is essential for a sovereign life, and should therefore be an integral part of school education. therefore, it is important to empower prospective teachers during their university education, to their future task of the mediation of media competence. the central goal of this project is to develop appropriate scenarios of use for the various phases of the teacher education to define the required interfaces and examples of selected links to the in saxony, coming to the use of educational technologies to implement.

Based on the results of a survey among stakeholders in teacher education were derived requirements, digital tools and ultimately, two specific technical starting points for the further processing in the project selected:

1. networking, opal of the saxon universities and opal school

A common of digital access of stakeholders from the school and the university on a learning platform phase allows cross-and interlinked events at the school-university interface, and therefore has particular potential for the education of teachers. from the implementation of such an interface, benefit in addition to the scenarios of teacher education are also numerous other scenarios such as. offers of the children’s universities, and the school laboratories, offers to the study of orientation and preparation, bridging courses, training, etc.

In the course of the project could be a final technical implementation of the networking of schools and universities on the e-learning platforms, the opal of the saxon universities and opal school.

© Dagmar Oertel © Dagmar Oertel

Technology-aided networking of schools and universities in the free state of saxony

Technology-aided networking of schools and universities in the free state of saxony © dagmar oertel

There were issues (whether contractual, data protection, legally, politically, financially, …) are disclosed, as well as a number of different approaches developed, discussed, discarded and/or modified, which can be used to clarify the framework at the country policy level (smk/smwk) for the implementation. all of the defined conceptual aspects of networking as a preliminary work in the individual projects 6.1 “teacher education in school and college” in the package of measures “tud-sylber – synergistic teacher education in the excellent framework” of the quality offensive in teacher training, as well as in the project “school login saxony” of the saxon education server uses.

2. the further development of the lti-interface of the learning platform opal with an exemplary connection of the e-portfolio tools mahara

To the teacher education digital support, should be implemented an appropriate e-portfolio system in opal. preparing the migration of the existing lti was commissioned 1.0 interface in the new user interface of the learning platform opal, by the bps gmbh has implemented, and with a release in november 2016 in opal is provided. in the project was exemplary connected to the e-portfolio tool, mahara, successfully tested, and as an instance on the part of the bps gmbh provided. in the framework of the seminar “digitisation and the school” in addition to teaching the e-portfolio tool, mahara has been used since the winter semester 2016/17 to secure result and reflection of the learning progress of the students. with the lti-interface in the future, other lti can be coupled-enabled applications easier to opal.

All the project results are to be used to network a in the further work of the project 6.1 “teacher education in school and college” in the package of measures “tud-sylber – synergistic teacher education in the excellent framework” of the quality offensive in teacher training, as well as in the project “school login saxony” of the saxon education server, and are secured in the long term.

Self-confidence strengthen by dates with escort women?

chinese girls near meYou’re single and want to change that? your experience with women is, however, manageable, and with each rejection, your self-esteem shrinks a little more? you chat in various portals, want to meet women and have at the same time afraid to fail, because you’re just too shy and insecure?

With self-confidence for women is the way to more success in flirting

respond –

The promise of all the escort agencies: casual warranty flirting with success! but also here not everything is gold what shines …

chinese girls near meAs an article in our section “women” correctly is, is a date with an escort is actually a great opportunity to reducing uncertainty is to strengthen self-esteem and to experience a wonderful time with a real dream woman. but even with such arrangements, a small is advised a little caution. because not every vip agency that maintains the www as a highly professional provides, what it promises. here are a few characteristics of what a true high class escort agency, we can see.

Many men want top-women escort agencies to meet | photo: daniel m viero | license: cc by 2.0 | short

Women’s meeting – help, i have a date!

chinese girls near meShould be to meet compatible singles in today’s time is no longer a problem. partner portals, dating apps and real life are numerous opportunities for interesting women to meet. however, the practice is mostly, unfortunately, different. on the internet portals is back and forth passes until the whole in the sand and in real life all seem to be women, to forgive, to be married and to be pregnant. all the better if it sparks in fact, the appeal to work, the message in the nu will be answered and the interest of reciprocity is based. now nothing can stand the first meeting in the way… except for the own nervousness.

Women data: the first meeting for the success | photo: gregory burgesss | license: cc0 1.0 universal | short

Online dating: what women deters and what attracts them

chinese girls near meWhen it comes to online dating many single men are looking for the woman of your life, a lot of small errors, which are extremely counter-productive and, unfortunately, not or only very difficult to cause you to find the ideal partner. a number of small words, sentences, or the wrong photographs to ensure that many women leave the first impression immediately, and not more on the profile comment. with the right profile, suitable pictures and the right way of addressing it(n) can have at online dating more successful with women.

Online dating: single women chat | ©

Important in the search for the dream woman is that it remains honest, sovereignty, and self-confidence radiates and not the same with the door to the house falls. mess and not to splurge, is the motto here. it does not harm to try a bit of, in the desire for a partner perspective and from their perspective, reflect on what to write next.

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