Details of Clinton Summer Wedding Kept Top Secret

It was the biggest wedding that celebrities were never invited to and there were many stars who were itching to get an invitation and a president was not even given the cover of being invited! The wedding I am talking about is the wedding of Ms. Chelsea Clinton, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Ms. Clinton is not well known herself as her family has kept to keep her childhood as normal as possible. However her parents are among the most well known political figures in the world. Mr. Clinton is a former president of the United States and his wife Mrs. Clinton now serves as president Obama’s Secretary of State.

The wedding followed a growing trend with celebrity weddings. It seems that one too many celebrities have been burned by tabloids tearing apart their marriages. The new trend is for private ceremonies away from the prying eyes of the public and the media. The Clinton wedding had some of the tightest security yet. The guests were given their invitations 12 weeks in advance. The guests were taken by charter buses directly from an inn in town to the wedding site. The most impressive security detail was that the entire estate was declared a no fly zone so that press could not take aerial pictures of the wedding site.

These measures make the Clinton wedding the greatest summer wedding that was never seen. The tight security even became a point of mockery for the Daily Showl. John Stewart made fun of all the resources the media deployed to get more information on the wedding only to fail and have to rely on the information gleaned from attendees.

However there are some important details that did slip through. One was that the wedding was more high quality than full of expensive items. The bride despite rumours of buying hundreds of thousands in jewelry wore her wedding gown with little jewelry. She did not even wear a tiara. Then again the Vera Wang dress was a statement in itself with with the tulle underskirt and draped and gathered silk top. We also know that while there were not as many celebrities there were important figures from the political world such Terry McAuliffe the former campaign manager of Mrs. Clinton and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

The menu is not know but we do know that the wedding cake was gluten free to meet Chelsea’s vegan requirements. The couple was wed in an interfaith ceremony. Mr. Mezvinsky is Jewish and Ms. Clinton is a Methodist. The ceremony had both a rabbi and a Methodist minister presiding over it. The groom who wore a Burberry suit also wore his yamuka and prayer shawl for the ceremony.

Th wedding proved to be one where the couple was able to enjoy a special wedding day without the undue worry of press dissecting every little detail of the ceremony. Privacy at such important events is now becoming the ultimate luxury for the rich and famous. If you are planning your own summer wedding there are some big cues that you can take from the Clinton-Mezvinski wedding.

One thing you can do is make sure to keep your wedding ensemble simple and elegant. The best way to do this is to find the right dress. The right wedding gown will set the pace for your bridal look and determine whether you need any additional accessories. The Vera Wang gown the new Mrs. Mezvinsky wore was more than elegant on its own and didn’t need anything extra. Also if you should not rule out having your wedding at an estate or home. This is a big trend for celebrities this summer whether they have a big or small ceremony. Of course wedding favors are still mandatory. Mr. and Mrs. Mezvinksky gave guests wine wedding favors that included bottles of the local wine.

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