ECift Experiences & Opinions

ECift Experiences & Opinions

eCift experiences & opinions.

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ECift Experiences & Opinions

Very good idea, but unfortunately, poor implementation!I don’t think much of free Dating sites, because, in my opinion, many just out of boredom . but what I experienced here, is a “rip-off”posts are definitely too high, as just 15 of the proposals are available and mind. the half dead are, and again half of them have not a premium account and, therefore, not answers can have. Short EUR 180 is not said, paid for about 5 – 8 contacts, wherein these meet my criteria. I’ve made some changes to the fun, and me as a woman, registered and make the “Test” again, even though I answered the questions all wrong, it was displayed on my profile with a Match of 90%, which definitely cannot be.Conclusion: Expensive, little contacts, ease of termination. “”

In the hope of finding an ideal life partner, I had Premium in the past 5 years, 3-4 Times a membership. However, it has its Gru . nd why the life partner designed in eCift as very difficult: The demands are projected for both male as well as female participants from the everyday life on the Internet platform. It is not sporadic to be nice acquaintances, Right here, was unfortunately. Also you did not satisfy the expectations of the other side. Pro: very easy to use, you learn sporadically (5-8%), nice people cons: a lot of Fake Accounts (75-85%), some of the tactics of the side, to pull your money out of your pocket my tip is to wait to all seekers who want to apply for: First 5 days, before you opt for the Premium membership. There is a discount. Not the same because of the first contact request soft, the Profile viewing: Are there any Profiles that appeal to me. It’s been at least 3-4 realistic should be. Good Luck! “”

I’m ecift tired, many people written and a fractional part of the answer which has. The fear is that it’s a good gem . pay attention of Fake is. You get not even a no thank you response. In comparison to the renowned German contact-portals you get no response. I finished with ecift. It’s no good. “”

The men are in eCift on the road, were to 90%, is very superficial.No moral values these people have.The Profile reads, no . r properly. One has the feeling that these people are only looking for a “pleasure”.If you are looking for is actually a Partner for life, then for the people, not just because of the unnecessary superficial things equal to the brush-off. “”

Very friendly contacts there. Ecift has no good System to support the life partner. One year during the premium time chewing . m’s proposals get. After the expiry of the Premium, I suddenly received a lot of suggestions to pique my curiosity, and to order then the cost-intensive Premium. Think ecift is only after the money. “”

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