Famous People With Diabetes

Diabetes is a global epidemic and every year millions of people are diagnosed with one or the other type of diabetes. Anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes is demoralized and feels depressed. The feelings are natural but you as a patient has two options; let the disease get the best of you or take control of your life by maintaining the right life style.

Look around and you will see thousands of famous people with diabetes. This means that a successful life can be lead while having the disease. It is in no way debilitating unless you want it to be. If you take the right counter measures and a positive attitude you can have a normal life.

One of the very famous people with Diabetes is Halle Berry. The Oscar winner celebrity has managed to achieve all the success. She was taken completely off guard by the disease and just collapsed on the sets.
This ended in a 6 day diabetic coma which changed her life forever. Instead of letting her disease keep her from doing what she did, she made drastic life style changes and tackled her disease successfully.

The most important think Halle did was to follow a strict diet with low sugar, processed carbohydrates and fats. She also cut back on red meat and fruits but added fresh vegetables, chicken and fish to her diet. Halle has made the habit of checking her blood sugar several times a day.
In this way she takes her insulin in time so she is able to function like any normal person. Her personal trainer also helps her exercise to keep fit.

It started by doctors telling her that she could lose her legs or eyesight but she did not give up hope. Scared she was but she fought on bravely and not only led a successful career but is working to keep the people motivated and specially spreading the message to brave the disease. Many other celebrities are also living normally with the disease including talk show host Larry King, American Idol Judge Randy Jackson and beautiful actress Salma Hayek.

Diabetes fabiosa.com can’t keep you from pursuing any dream or any career. You just need to have the will. Take the example of Sir Steven Redgrave who is a 5 time Olympics gold medalist for rowing. Rowing is a hardcore sports and one might think that a diabetic cannot do it but Sir Steven Redgrave proved this wrong and took his training really seriously and made drastic life style changes.

The will to beat the disease is what is needed and that is what Sir Redgrave had. The diagnosis did not keep him away from winning the gold in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Though, he did get depressed after he found out about his condition but like a true sportsman got on the saddle right after the fall.

There are so many famous people with diabetes from all walks of life that you can easily take them as a role model and strive towards leading a successful and normal life.

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