Friendscout24 in the Test of 2019 – Fall in love or rip-off

very nice feature, to meet

Friendscout24 in the Test.

This test report will not be updated anymore.

Registration Process: 5,0 /5 Contact: 4,5 /5 Profile Information: 5,0 /5 App: 4,0 /5 Practice Test: 4,5 /5.

Friendscout24 in the Test of 2019.

With over 6 million members, Friendscout24 is one of the largest single stock exchanges in Germany and offers a large selection of interesting Singles. An average of between about 40,000 and at the weekend up to around 70,000 Singles online. Thus, friend, scout, is ideally suited to a Flirt or a new Date. A clear design, simple operation and good customer service to help you in your Flirts.

Anyone who is registered here?

Up to 70,000 Singles are online at the same time a Few Fakes by profile checks character appreciated the diversity of the members.

Here are nice, open to meet Singles really. Some academics are also including. In our testing with the free Account, we were contacted directly. So the Flirting went the fun! When you first contact one also notes that many members of the character is very important. The search for a Partner for many in the foreground, but there are also members with other interests.

How does it look with the quality and professionalism of the members? It is checked Friendscout24 actually each profile, and Fakes are quickly weeded out and not unlocked. You feel, nevertheless, of a member being harassed, or have the feeling that his profile is fake, then you can block that member completely easily by yourself access to your profile or when the Administrator to report.

Age distribution.

18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

The registration process.

5 Photos (Basic Membership) Free Text Fields Large Photos, Detailed Profile Information.

At Friendscout24 you created during registration, as is the case with all single exchanges, a sort of contact display, which is why single stock exchanges are often referred to as Dating portals. This sign in and create under a Pseudonym on your profile. Here you decide yourself how much you’re sharing. Logical: the more Details one learns about you, the greater the Chance that you’re going to be found by the matching counterpart. In addition to classical questions in terms of your appearance, such as size, hair color, eye color, figure, or other facts, such as your date of birth, will also be made of Multiple-Choice questions about the life style, interests, and life partner. It is also possible to make a Pause and answer the remaining questions later. Essential to the photographic self-portrait. Mainly because the Internet brokerage sorted the Profiles of the members in a systematic way. Those with photos and lots of information are put in the lists to the top. Depending on the membership Friendscout24 offers the possibility of up to 25 images in their own profile to upload. But note: Each image that you post can be viewed by all other members. At Friendscout24 images are not specifically for certain people, as you know, it is usually of Dating services .

A Friendscout24-profile offers:

In the 7 free text fields, your own content can give your profile a personal character, for example, through information on your Hobbies and your leisure time. You can leave your profile to view more detailed information, such as your Religion, your astrological sign, your ethnicity, your size, your profession, your most noticeable trait, and your age. This information is not at Friendscout24 mandatory. Up to 5 images can be uploaded in a basic Account, which is also not a Must. In our Test, a significantly lower rate of Contact without pictures, so show your good side and believe in yourself, however, showed !


Depending on the membership

Detailed search functions, similarities, send a Smile, send Personal messages, date roulette game Personal Chat Live Chat for direct sharing of messages from premium users and answer is free of charge.

Search and find at Friendscout24.

Convinced the search functions to us during the Tests in the menu under “search”. In this mass of Singles, it is good to be demanding, and the search for a partner to narrow down. The following search criteria are available:

Online profile with photo location (ZIP code and distance) description (hair color, eye color, figure, etc.), Personal (marital status, children, etc.), occupation (income, educational level, etc.) a smoker of origin (nationality, languages, etc.), values (Religion, children, marriage, etc.), leisure (music, movies, sports, etc.) miscellaneous (e.g. last visit)

The zodiac signs of the members are on the Profile privacy, you can’t filter the search afterwards .

Do you want to do you are actively searching for your dream partner, you can through the detailed search function, for example, show Profiles of athletic Asian women without children, living alone, and where the marriage is important, listen to Rock and mind. 70 000 EUR/year earn. Through such detailed search results you can live out your preferences, and write only your preferred partner – so those of you who promises you the type of the time. Would you rather first have a look at it who is interested in your type? Friendscout24 also the last of the visitors shows your profile .

Ways to contact someone .


Friendscout24 checked the members automatically to a mutual agreement. Send your potential flirt partner or dream partner is to simply have the view of your Compliance, and you have directly a topic of conversation.

Smile to send – Just smile 🙂

Send just a Smiley face (a kind of Bump function) with one click. Tip : Especially men like to in our practice test these unobtrusive expression of the interest of a lady. Women do not respond, however, mostly because they appreciate personal messages rather (except for your profile like extremely well).

Personal message: The classics also pulls in friend scout.

In friend scout Test, we got quite longer messages with many questions. Tip : Go on individually to the respective profile .

Unfortunately, only premium users have the possibility to accept messages from other Premium members to reply or Chat invitations. An exception to members who have booked the “Connect”function are. These members you can contact, if you’re not a premium user! This Connect-the members are clearly marked.

Date roulette.

A very nice feature, to meet other Singles in contact, the date roulette. In this game you first of all his partner’s wishes and gets a sequence of profile photos of other Singles and can choose whether you would meet the Single like (à la Tinder, it says here, similar to “Yes” or “Continue”). If the other Single, your profile picture suits also, both will be informed of the mutual interest – a good base to get to know each other. And you’ve got a new flirt partner! Every day, up to 1 Million photos to be rated! TOP: date roulette you can also play with a free membership !

Members with free Account are not able to chat or flirt, send messages, but after all, Profiles viewing, and other members smile at.

On such a well-known matchmaking website, it can also lead to Fake profiles or untrustworthy members. In our Test, we encountered no Fakes. It is possible to report members directly or to lock in harassment .

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