SDC – Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019

SDC - Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019SDC - Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019

SDC - Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019

With more than 3.5 million members around the world, SDC is one of the largest Swinger sites. In Germany there are not so many members, but active participation is also in Germany available. Whether single trips or nice online contacts, the selection and operation options for SDC to be very diverse. While in the case of the large Dating sites such as first affair, Lovecout24, Ashley Madison and co. often difficult for couples to meet, is the SDC no Problem at all.

Members of the structure.

75 percent of all members in SDC are as a Couple registered. Not always, however, looking for a common fling. On some profiles, it is apparent that the husband and the wife are looking for a separate adventure. The remaining 25 percent of the members are male Singles , female singles profiles, there is no these are looking for your fling, rarely, on a Swinger’s platform.

The age structure is broad, the age focus, however, is between 35 and 45 years . Swingers discover their passion, usually quite late, at a young age, between 18 and 25, most people try only once, and only later, after the first club night will be the interest in the Swinging gradually aware of.

SDC sees itself not as a Dating service, it does not count, but also to the single exchanges. The Community character of the site is clearly visible. Many lasting friendships formed among Swingers is to go far beyond the common sex life, in addition to .

Registration and profile creation.

Sign in to SDC works simply and easily in three steps. In the first step, you enter your contact details, a valid E belongs-mail address.

Step two consists of a few information about you, because, of course, other members want to know what you’re looking for. In the third step, you confirm your E-mail address by you validierst the received Link. Now you’re seven days long base member with all the features . This means you can try out the basic functions of all the rest and then decide whether or not you purchase decide to go for a Premium.

The profile creation takes a bit longer, especially the completion of a photo to work immediately. SDC-checked every single photo, the high quality of the members profiles continue to .

The most important facts on your profile.

Some of the information, you can simply tick the box, this is where you tell the most important facts from you. In the heading “I search” can you make the following selections:

full of partner swapping, partner swapping in the same room, easier to swap, touching or Oral easier for partner swapping, women only easier to swap in the same room bisexual Couple bisexual woman, a straight woman bisexual man heterosexual man, Couple (2 women) transvestite.

Then, you specify which languages you speak. Here you can choose from all the major European languages and of course English. Now, you will be asked a question, whether you are couples or other Swingers friends can invite home. This is important, because a meeting place in the Club is not always possible. As a conclusion of you to show up as ready to travel you are. Choose between can you:

not able to travel within 15 Km within 30 Km within 75 Km within 150 Km travel anywhere.

This is important so that members know whether you’re coming as a contact in question. Many Swingers meet in Germany and take long distances in purchase to experience a great Date .

Creativity and your own words are required in the six free-text fields, you can design according to request. In the following areas you can enter anything: your Motto, description of what you want in SDC will find what fantasies do you have, like your bisexuality is defined, what there is to know about you ?

Via the selection menu, you enter finally, a few base information, this raises the question as to your Smoking behavior, your physical hair and some fetishes belongs to. Your information you can at any time change and update.


If you are visiting a foreign profile, you have several contact options. First of all, you can send a friend request .

The most classical Methods is also in the case of SDC the personal message. Select the heading “E-Mail” and leave a few personal lines. As a New or trial member you can send three messages per day .

Direct contact to numerous people, you will get also the Chat . Here the time between 50 and 250 people cavort, depending on the day, Action is inevitable here so. In the Chat you can chat with all members or you can select the 1 to 1 Chat with a Person. It is for Premium members only also possible to have a direct Webcam to start a Chat, so that you show up and be seen can.

Our tip: don’t start with the request to, because very few couples will accept this, and have not met you already. If you access it again later on the profile, you can insert it first in your wishlist. In order to generate a bit of attention, you can give the profile a thumbs up. This is displayed to the profile owner, and usually leads to the fact that the other Person would also like to visit your profile .

Design, functionality and usability.

SDC - Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019

SDC - Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019

SDC - Swingers Date Club in the Test of September 2019

SDC boasts a very modern and attractive designed Portal. The predominantly dark coloration acts as a deterrent, but gives the page a touch of the Mystic and the erotic, what is even more exciting .

In terms of functionality, we can complain of nothing, all the functions are listed in the left navigation bar and can be selected from there. A minus point of the FAQ was not translated in German language, however, is. The English Version is only for people with good English skills to understand and also the Support of the site could be better structured .

To get help, a contact form, which is, however, answered by English-speaking Support, and therefore knowledge of English is required. German-speaking Support, there are only a Few, which is itself a registered user of the site. Although the contact recording to work smoothly, but a little more formal Support, we would have liked .

Practice test.

A Swingers portal is always a special Highlight of the Test, because the openness of the members and the Services is always amazing. A small joy there was at the time you sign, because SDC is giving you a seven day free membership to test, if you confirm your E-mail address. It worked out well immediately and so we were able to look around to your heart’s content .

At the beginning of the Portal seemed a bit too modern and we were worried whether we find ourselves in the same deal. This concern proved to be unfounded, as we always got a navigation list on the left-hand side of the site. From here, it goes everywhere, and we were able to quickly switch between Chat, Blogs, and a private profile .

By numerous, displayed, public, parties, and travel deals, there are here at SDC soon the opportunity to come in contact with. Very good that we can see which members on a trip to participate. In the Chat will be briefly discussed prior to the start of the trip is often excited about that and it affects the excitement a bit contagious.

Our conclusion: all in All, we felt at SDC very well and felt particularly the Community-character as very positive. If Sex is in the foreground, the site never obscene, but very well maintained and stimulating .

Tips from our editorial staff.

Tip 1: Show your Status to: In the case of SDC, all the constellations are allowed, and for profile it besucherist to know always exciting, whether a Couple, a bisexual, or a heterosexual Person behind the profile. Therefore, the other just give directly to what you are looking for and facilitates the search.

Tip 2: How far are you going? Swingers have different interests, how far you go is up to you. Choose from what you get you want to get involved, because until you relieve the other persons an impression of you. You can also select multiple points .

Tip 3 : keep it in words! Probably the most difficult, but most important point in the case of the profile position on single exchanges, the self-description. However, whether Parship, or SDC, only if you tell yourself something about yourself, you Wake curiosity and interest in other people. A couple of cute phrases are not enough, a novel is necessary.

Tip 4: Call open to your wishes! If you have registered at the SDC as a Swinger, there are desires you you want to meet. The more open and honest you talk about it, the faster you can mail to appropriate contacts. Who are you, what are you and what do you dream at night? All of these are important questions, to be answered in the profile .

Tip 5: Have you got a secret? There are still something need to get your profile visitors to make sure you experience? You still want to get rid of something, maybe a reason why someone you should cover letter? Then you use the space and tell you what there is to know about you .

Special Features.

In addition to the General community features such as Chat and message exchange, are in SDC, especially the single trips in the foreground. The provider is known to host several times in the year travel, which will be posted by Swingers from all over the world. For this purpose, then booked a complete hotel or a cruise ship, which is only used by Swingers. From Germany around 15 per cent take part, according to the organiser of these trips, the Rest comes from all over the world.

Public parties.

The party scene in the Swinger is a popular meeting place for members of SDC. On the site are always displayed currently the latest parties in Germany and Austria. Here you will find out what is the Motto of the Party is, how many members have already pledged, and have to register even the Option for the Party. Swingers parties the most common method of addition to the Portal of self-learning.

Competitions of SDC.

At irregular intervals, SDC competitions held among the members, where any registered user can participate. Usually it is photo or video contests. So the user will be prompted, for example, to post that beautiful photo on the theme of “school girl”. The winner of all users jointly nominate, by for the photos will be voted. The prices are different and range from Club-discounts, to free Premium membership.

Groups SDC.

High activity prevails in the groups of SDC, which are established either by the operator or by the members themselves. Each group has its own focus and is open to all members of the site. If you become a member in a group, you will see the affiliation on your profile. You can also manually your friends to a group you have created yourself, invite .

SDC offers its users an App that is available both for IOS and for Android. To be able to download the App you must be of full age. Despite the erotic offers is the App in the official Stores for free. You can be with your access data to log in and then all the relevant functions via a Smartphone.

The functionality of the App is good, however, a registration thereof is not necessary. Since the principal factor in the profiling of personal information and you should create some texts, is complicated in handling and using a Smartphone something. For quick contact in between, in order to confirm a Party, or to reply to a message the App is great, though .

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