So you prevent pregnancy stretch marks

So you prevent pregnancy stretch marks

70 to 90 percent of all expectant mothers get stretch marks Four measures help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or to prevent them altogether. Our world is fast-paced. So why should you wait for perfect chilled and sparkling or boiling hot water? Remedy the GROHE water systems GROHE Blue and GROHE Red create here.

They deliver invented the perfect taste, and 100┬░C hot water directly from the tap “water re -“! Stretch marks occur not only on the belly, but also in other parts of the body. We will show you how to prevent them effectively can. Initially, stretch marks red shimmer to purple and scar to white, then silver stripes. Rapid Weight gain or loss, body building, growth spurts in children and adolescents, the wrong diet and the water balance in the body are other causes for stretch marks.

Often the inherent weak binding contributes to tissue of the annoying stripes show up more. Especially pregnant women are at risk, however. The pregnancy hormones ensure that the collagen and elastin fibres in the supporting tissues loosen up. Due to the excessive elongation of the connective tissue during pregnancy, however, very often fine cracks in the tissue of the skin . This is especially the case if the skin is too dry. Most frequently, young mothers are more affected, because their skin has less stable collagen, and thereby significantly more sensitive.

Likewise, women with twins or triplets, as well as obese women should be particularly strong on a good prevention of stretch marks. There are also up to three months after pregnancy can still occur stretch marks due to the regeneration of the skin, should not be used to set the Provisions with the birth. Up to 6 months after pregnancy are recommended preventive measures. The ultimate goal is to keep the tissue always flexible. There are some possibilities and tools that are not only in pregnancy helpful, but also the General prevention serve.

With regular sporting activities, the connective tissue can be strengthened and therefore less prone to stretch marks. Ideal in pregnancy, sports are, for example, species such as Gymnastics and Swimming . Excessive weight gain should be avoided in pregnancy, in spite of Hunger for Two. Generally speaking, strong weight fluctuations, in particular a rapid increase, a poison for the skin. This is exactly why, care should be taken to a healthy diet with vegetable fats, fruits, vegetables and low – fat dairy and meat products.

Cute Video Of Adorable Baby Flamingo Who Was Rejecte Fast Food, sweets and ready meals are not part of the daily diet. Pregnant women and nursing mothers have an increased need for Vitamin E . Expectant mothers should take, therefore, 13 mg and Breastfeeding 17 mg of Vitamin E daily. Germs, nuts, flax seed, green cabbage, asparagus and vegetable Oils (wheat germ, olive and canola oil) contain a lot of Vitamin E. Extremely important in the prevention of stretch marks is to hydrate the skin, always with moisture, so they dry out. Here, rich creams, Lotions, or Oils can be used, where Oils are significantly better for the prevention of stretch marks suitable.

This is because the Oils is absorbed much faster into the skin, and the Massaging effect. Schwangerschafts├Âle are often rich in Vitamin A and E , which the skin to help protect against free Radicals, moisture supply, and even the already damaged skin cells can repair. Well suited for jojoba oil, Calendula, almond oil or Vitamin E-containing wheat germ oil. Almond oil of Primavera , currently 22 percent reduced for about 11 euros at apodiscounter Daily massage of This point is especially true for pregnant women.

During pregnancy all of the areas at risk should be a sponge every day with a massage glove, a loofah, a dry washcloth or the tips of your fingers to be massaged. From the third month this should be done twice a day. Two weeks prior to the date of birth won respect mothers especially the massages only easy to perform, since it can cause preterm labor. Thanks to the massages, the blood circulation is stimulated and the tissue remains elastic. The best time is right after the shower.

Give some cream or Oil on the still damp skin, and start brushing or Massaging. In a particularly simple and effective, the Zupfmassage is here . A small skin is released into the problem areas with the fingers raised, kneaded and again. Massage glove with 20 percent discount for cosmetic Fox for about 7 Euro loofah sponge for about 8 Euro on Amazon.

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