Spotted in the Test of 2019 to be dealt with later, or not

Spotted in the Test of 2019 to be dealt with later, or not tender can be

Spotted in the Test.

The pretty woman at the bus stop, the hot guy of the every day buys his butter pretzel in the same bakery – if you only had a little more time, or not-too-shy would it be? The Mannheim-based App spotted here is designed to create a remedy. Spotted in the Test of 2019 to be dealt with later, or not also find
A fix via GPS will be localized regularly and later gets all of the Singles appear to have stayed at the same time in the same place – and which could, therefore, be actually met. However, the results are often not meaningful, because you can also find Singles that sat in a U-Bahn, which departs in the other direction and has, in fact, never .

The idea behind the Spotted App.

The Spotted App was developed due to the great success of the Spotted pages on Facebook. Every day we encounter hundreds of people travel together by Bus, go to the same supermarket and share countless moments with you. A quick Smile or a mischievous wink. The opportunities and moments that could be missed. The Spotted App is intended to give these missed moments, a second Chance – the inventor.

Design and operability.

The Design of the App is kept open by the warm colors rather inconspicuous and thus for both sexes are quite attractive. The Skyline of New York indicates the source of the App. Since you will be prepared from the beginning with Screenshots on the handling of the App, you will experience no Surprises, and is familiar quite quickly. You should not want to get GPS locations, as there is still a lot of the suggestions to fit the profile .

Profile position.

At registration, you can choose between a quick Login via Facebook or login with a valid E-Mail address. In terms of privacy, in any case, thumbs up from the editors. The profile is kept quite simple. Under mandatory the age, the gender and the place to which his Unknown fall only. The extra information size, hair color, etc., can optionally be added, and only serve as identification for the System and will not be published. Saying someone should be looking for you, are you doing to find it, with detailed information easier for you .

The Déjà vu feature.

For this function you have to give it access to your location. Spotted in the Test of 2019 to be dealt with later, or not if someone winks
The App then finds all the registered users who are near you and where you “met, maybe,” could be. You should someone know or just sympathetic to find, you can wink at him/her. The first is anonymous – that is to say, the other Person doesn’t see you wink at you.

Spotted in the Test of 2019 to be dealt with later, or not it, with detailed

Only if you can wink at each other chatting .

Flirt messages.

If in your area no one of you is known to be present, there are so-called flirt messages. With these, users can search very specifically to someone you have met. The percentage in the upper area of the message, determines the percentage chance of whether you meant might be. For this purpose, the detailed profile entries would be helpful. To Scroll through the calls for tender can be viewed and it can be checked whether a tender is true, perhaps to a self. If this is the case, you can chatting in real with the green reply Button is quite easy .

If it is not the right invitation to tender is, there is still the possibility to write a flirt message. Here, too, the information is – the more detailed, the higher the Chance of a Match.

Credits = Cupid Arrows.

With Credits and the arrows of Cupid You can writing a personal message if you don’t want to wait, if someone winks. You get Credits for different actions, such as, for example, by referring your friends, daily Login, or Posting a message. Of course you can buy the Credits .

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