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2018: building valves manufacturers slightly above zero

ukraine phone numbers directory“once in the first half of 2018, the positive impetus from the european countries aroused the hope of a more dynamic growth, waned in the further course of the year by equally declining business at home and abroad”, explains wolfgang burchard, managing director of vdma valves. at the end of the year, the foreign sales of the building, the valve manufacturer, with +2 % hit to beech, the domestic business castle with +1 %.

Technical building valves loaded to

ukraine phone numbers directoryIn the individual product groups, sales developed very differently. the manufacturers of technical building fittings, able to build on the successful sales performance of the previous year and increased their total sales by 6 % (domestic +6 %, international +7 %).

A continuation of the development was also true for the manufacturers of valves for heating systems, but in the opposite direction. they lost more revenue in the order of 8 % (domestic -9 % abroad -8 %). the euro area proved to be, with a decline of 12 % as a special achilles heel.

The sanitary fittings industry developed between these two poles on a stagnation rate. here, the euro area showed interest (+4 %), however, the pulses in the domestic and the non-european markets (-3 %).

Young team invents

ukraine phone numbers directoryRelax in the sauna and strengthening the immune system – for many, a particularly tempting spa offer. however, saunas have a high demand for energy: a conventional sauna, in home sauna for approximately 15 kwh. “the zero-energy sauna, however, shows that sustainability and enjoyment of life need not stand in opposition,” said prof. andré thess. now, the young scientist micha schäfer, julian bird and daniel pillar 3 variants of their “zero-energy sauna” presented for the first time. you can count on wind and solar energy, as well as a sophisticated heat-storage system.

Is generated while the heat in a conventional sauna with electricity from the grid is generated, and the “zero-energy sauna stores” all of your heat local and carbon-neutral renewable energy. it represents, similar to the “zero energy house”, an energy self-sufficient system. thus, the “zero-energy sauna” is actually eco-friendly, it should be very durable. since electrical energy storage such as batteries do not meet this requirement with their current technical state of the art, is a sophisticated energy storage and converter system in the centre of the concept.

<, h2>, Silvio has become a new chef in the “one below zero”

What is berlin? this question has been star-restaurateur ivo ebert, 40, has opened in the past few years, since he 2015 the “one below zero”, again and again. with the focus on regional cuisine, he has since been properly. the previous head chef, andreas rieger, 33, with which he opened together, the restaurant, has drawn from the full of the region – the reward was as early as 2016, with a michelin star.

For ebert makes a strict regional philosophy, however, by his own admission, no longer makes sense. “i love wine, i like lemons, chocolate, tomatoes, and also after the meal a coffee. this is pure pleasure for me, and i would like to offer our guests. however, all this has nothing to do with strict regionality and ecological awareness,” he says further. which is why there have been changes in the concept will be, like falstaff exclusively learned. rieger pulls back with a march from the “one zero”, but ebert has already found a high-profile successor to: silvio pfeufer, 29, is how ebert, a true berliner, and brings experience from a number of stars with kitchens. he worked long as a junior-chef jan hartwig in the munich three-sterner “atelier”, was previously also in the case of jens meyer rode in the “kai” on the island of sylt, and comes from michael kempf, in his berlin “facil” right now, two stars.

Cuisine in cosmopolitan berlin-style

So, what is berlin? a question that also has become a dream to you can one day answer. together with ebert, he has nothing less than to give the capital its own culinary identity. ebert is based on the reputation of the city. berlin is, in his eyes, “the world is open for everything new, tolerant, just cosmopolitan, international, and warm.” and says further: “our kitchen is just as inspired as versatile as the berlin, of the multi-cultural influences that characterize us surrounded, and berlin, i.e., in close collaboration with the local producers to ensure the high quality of the product.”

Sustainability and regionality remain a cornerstone in the “one below zero”. the farmers from the surrounding areas and the products from the own garden, as well as the canning continue to play a major role. traditional dishes are re – interpreted in a variety of products to come “from all over the world, with berlin as the center”. two weeks ebert and pfeufer take the time, the team training, as long as the “one below zero” for guests and remains closed. 14. in march it re-opened with the aim to be an “original berliner gourmet restaurant”.


One zerohannoversche str. 1

10115 berlin

Grate the cheese in the falstaff-check

ukraine phone numbers directory

Cheese has for many amateur cooks in a fun factor that tends against zero. the cheese chips threaten to fly in all directions, many graters are bulky in the hand, and lead to convulsive phenomena-in-arms. the falstaff editorial staff has made, therefore, to the search for the perfect cheese grater, and various models under the magnifying glass: electrically or with a crank operated, classic or playful, made of stainless steel or plastic. a lot of hard and soft cheese was rubbed in the test with a clear winner.

The model-choice is finally a matter of taste: for example, more emphasis on a handy device or a built-in fresh holding tank? in any case, care should be taken when buying a high-quality processing, as well as an ergonomic and sturdy design. so or so: the cheese all to rub small get, but with our first three courses, the also makes, finally, a lot of fun!

The results of the test you can see in the images path.

Pic attached

2. koziol grater “kasimir”a prickly, seen unimpressive to € 7,80

At first glance,

but that’s misleading: The cheese through the slides fine. Funny, but also thoughtful Design – stable and the right size to hold with one Hand.Design: 3,75/5 points handling: 3,5/5 points grater: 3,5/5 points

Overall: 10,75 15 points

© koziol

3. rösle käasemühle art. – no. 16684the creative, seen by € 30,40

Almost on par with the 2. space: is driven by a crank, works well, fine result. high-quality design, but is a bit bulky in the hand. in the deep groove of cheese sticks.

Design: 3/5 points handling: 3,75/5 points grater: 3,75/5 points

Overall: 10,50 out of 15 points

© marx studios

4. lurch razortec edsclean, practical, seen by € 29,90

Plus-points: bowl with lid, beautiful Design, easy to use. Minus points: gross chips, must be exercised in the Grinding pressure, for hard cheese.Design: 3,75/5 points handling:2,50/5 points grater:2,25/5 points

Overall: 8,50 15 points

A photo

5 puts. cole & mason h102299the playful, gesehen € 21,90

Compact Design, like a pepper mill, but very many individual parts. Stored in the fridge. 2. knives, but difficult to solve from the bracket. Cheese does not slip through.Design: 2/5 points handling: 2,5/5 points grater: 1,25/5 points

Total: a 5.75 out of 15 points

A photo

6. rommelsbacher mr 6the electrical. seen € 40,50 electric grater, very large (test note: “reminiscent of a hair dryer” – is also so loud). result: mini-chips. cheese pieces remain in the drum hang. hard-to-clean 1/5 points handling:1,5/5 points grater: 1,75/5 points

Overall: 4,25 out of 15 points

A photo

From falstaff no 01/2017.

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Divorce from rheinau. family law attorney in rheinau – lawyer-search service

ukraine phone numbers directoryThe divorce from rheinau worsens the visits will be increased.

Web page text

ukraine phone numbers directoryTo browse as wolvene in the february s., the dependent has reached the retirement age, get it, whether or not the actually obtained old-age income behind those to stay back, he can acquire without the ehebedingte restriction of his professional activity to retirement income would be.

He advises educated about all the factors of a divorce, is to ensure that those are governed by and shall, if necessary, actively for the entitlement, and the benefit of a divorce from rheinau clients in court.

The resulting image is not moved much, if you may assume no. in the area of the bertoldsbaar so the count’s sphere of influence gozberts. for the accuracy and completeness of the information, no warranty or

Separation of thoughts can arise, you want to give your relationship a chance. a farewell letter to the mother have left a piece of writing.

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