Victoria Beckham Krass! So many animals had to die for you

Victoria Beckham Krass! So many animals had to die for you

The wardrobe of a fashion designer is like a Zoo Victoria Beckham is considered a style icon. However, for your vast Repertoire of luxurious garments as some animals lost their lives. You like your chilled drinking water prefer still or sparkling? Or medium? In the case of the GROHE water systems, you have a choice.

Fresh water, matched exactly to your taste for perfect refreshment. The UK’s Daily Mail has in common with the animal protection organization PETA has taken note of the Outfits of the last ten years , Victoria Beckham, 44, under the microscope, and estimated how many animals for your wardrobe had to die … Since your big break with the Spice Girls in the nineties, Victoria Beckham has undergone a remarkable Style Evolution . But one thing has not changed until today: The 44-Year-old has a negative attitude towards real fur : I would never wear real fur, let alone have it for my Designs to use, declared the style icon of the year 2011.

However, it seems that the ethical concerns of Victoria had its limits, because in the case of leather, and Alpaca and co . the love of Animals stop wool quickly, too. The organization PETA has now, together with the UK’s Daily Mail, the “fun” and estimated how many creatures had to die for your wardrobe. Victoria Beckham has, undeniably, a fondness for leather . No matter whether pants, Jackets, gloves, belts, skirts, hats, Jackets – you should have at least 120 items of clothing made of leather.

To satisfy your leather-love, had about 150 cows and 600 calves in her life. For the Winter, Victoria is equipped to satisfy, with cozy knit sweaters. Approximately 300 pieces are to be in the personal possession of the designer. These are not wool is only from Merino wool , but also Alpaca wool . Of Merino sheep, the high the finest wool. They are bred so that their skin gets wrinkles, so more wool can be produced.

This Overload poses a health risk for the animals: you can die of exhaustion and are also more prone to infections. For 300 jumpers, an estimated 75 animals are needed. According to experts, 375 bags are estimated to be in the possession of Victoria Beckham . Alone 130 from the luxurious design house of Hermes.

Adopted by at least a third of the bags are made of the skin of exotic animals, then 313 lizards, 130 crocodiles, 43 ostrich, 16 Buffalo, 63 goats and 780 Lämme would be necessary for Victoria’s collection of bags. Just as luxurious as Victoria’s bag collection is Years the cashmere collection is the 44 -. Of sweaters on scarves, Capes and co. about 150 cashmere to pieces and 200 parts of a Mohair-wool to be in your possession. This is estimated to need 450 goats in your life. According to PETA cattle, whose skin is subsequently processed to shoes, bags and co. are grown, usually in factories approach. There, they are crammed together in a small space, branded, cropped, and brutally slaughtered.

Adopted one-third of the Shoe collection from Victoria Beckham (approx. 1000 Pairs) are made of leather, then 317 cattle for the production of distress would be. The are three large herds.

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