What First Affair actually

What First Affair actually ?

How much is the First cost Affair? The Premium membership is worth it? We answer these questions.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 4,5 /5 Profile Information: 5,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

5 facts about the First Affair costs.

A premium membership is cheaper than going Out Paysafe card allows you to completely anonymous payment savings potential of up to 67 percent payment is always SSL-encrypted, transparency and Fairness in First Affair.

The cost of the First Affair .

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total For men, couples and “women seeking women”: / month / month / month / month With so-called Credits virtual gifts purchase / Credit / Credit / Credit.

First Affair is expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers, First Affair in the appropriate area . Try it now for free.

The is free:

Profile search other members profile photos Now, it’s free to try.

The is not free of charge:

Message Chat send gifts send your own messages to highlight.

Costs in comparison to Offline search.

At first glance, the cost for a membership at First you Affair too high? Then you should take a look at the expenditure of Jens and Bruno, both looking for an affair are! Jens searches online and Bruno goes in his favorite cocktail bar. Look at yourself, who has at the end of the Evening more money:

Edition: 19,99 Euro / month (for three months)

Travel with the Bus to the cocktail bar: 2,70 Euro first Cocktail only for 6,00 Euro, the Second Cocktail and the attractive Nadine: Euro 7,00 + EUR 11.00 third Cocktail of frustration, because Nadine home wanted: 8,00 Euro, the Fourth Cocktail in the hope that a lady will appear: 5,00 Euro Taxi home because of the drunk Bus to drive: 20,00 Euro edition: 59,70 Euro for a night (without success)

While Jens has with its membership of three months, the Chance of a nice woman in the First Affair to get to know Bruno already spent one evening almost three times. What First Affair actually such as
For a nice affair would have been worth the Yes, maybe, but Bruno is alone gone home, because Nadine only wanted to have a drink together .

Why the Premium membership is worth it.

In the first Moment, many of the newcomers in terms of Dating think that paid Dating sites can not be serious. What First Affair actually incurred and
This is a big mistake, because of course portals such as first-cost affair, so that a smooth membership is possible .

The premium payments made by the users cover only a part of the costs incurred and also a paid membership brings many advantages for you as a user.

In a comparative test to other sites, the costs in the First Affair really appropriate, you’re spending considerably more money, if you’re going in everyday life to the search for a nice encounter .

Advantages of the paid Services/subscriptions.

A paid subscription offers you not only costs, but also advantages. So you can record without restriction of contact with other users and to find increase your Chance of a suitable Person for you .

It should be added that you your Reputation with other members to increase can. The best combination of authenticity check and premium membership works. So that are signaling you to other members that you mean and not a Fake are looking really serious. What First Affair actually spent one evening almost
A fling requires trust from both sides, but especially women, feel comfortable to contact men safe, if it is approved and payment ready people are.

How you can save .

The costs in the First Affair are relatively low, but there are still potential savings.

It is flexible in cost, meaning The longer you choose the term of your membership, the lower the actual monthly price. Note, however, that the membership is always paid in advance, a monthly payment for longer duration is not possible.

In the case of a one-year term you will save in comparison to the three-month Tariff of 67 percent. The money you can on your first Date for a Drink with your date to invest.

Anonymity protection/discretion at the time of payment.

First Affair offers you various payment methods. The payment is always made via an SSL-encrypted document, so that you enter your payment data with you safely can.

Since especially in the case of portals such as First Affair, many awarded people looking for a fling, is discretion a top priority. If you want to prevent finding on your credit card a note to first affair is, you ought to the completely anonymous means of payment “Paysafe card” draw.

The Paysafe card can be acquired in the desired value at filling stations and other points of sale. You can find a credit code that you enter in the membership purchase at First Affair. Now the fee for your membership from your credit balance will be debited, the Rest is up to you to get.

In the case of the payment by Paysafe card you don’t have to make any information about your Person, you can also enter a credit card number or other payment information is required.

Cost for a Single.

Single women looking for men, in terms of cost advantage, because for women, everything is for free. This is true but only if the women are really looking for a man. Women looking for a Date with another woman, you need to pay the full amount .

Important: Different users see this as a Form of discrimination, but behind the cost of policy other intentions stuck: The proportion of men is the First Affair is still quite high compared to the proportion of women. With the free offer, women should be encouraged to give the platform a Chance .

Women looking for women, are asked to pay to prevent men take advantage of this gap, and with a female profile.

Special features at the cost.

First affair offers discounts in the Form of a trial offer. This is particularly inexpensive and allows you to find out if you’re on the site. Your personal trial offer you can, if available, in your profile.

Permanently free of charge, there is the?

Some portals advertise, that they can permanently be used free of charge. Our experience with such sites is likely to be negative because they are a Playground for Fakes. On completely free sites, there is little opportunity to control who logs in. Almost every profile would have to be checked due to fake suspicion at first, but the staff is lacking in free pages. Finally, employees want to be paid for it, and if the site has no revenue, it can afford no staff .

Are there any hidden costs?

First affair in terms of payment on transparency, you will see incurred in advance exactly what fees for you. Hidden payments, additional, unauthorized charges, or restraint agreements are when the First Affair not available.

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